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Major portfolio of services provided

 * Consulting about attracting Spanish restaurants/bars to Japan.

 * Coordination and communication support of consulting by Spanish agricultural engineers in the olive cultivation in Japan.

 * Invited to be speaker of 4th Industrial Design Contest “Martos City” in April of 2019.

 * Invited to be speaker of “Olive Summit in Shodoshima” in February of 2019.

 * Invited to be speaker of the Conference “Bridge between Cordoba and Japan”, as part of the150th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Spain” in April of 2018.

 * Invited to be speaker of the Conference “The Keys to promote Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Japan, US and Germany” held by EXTENDA ( Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia ) in March of 2017.

 * Qualified selection of extra virgin olive oils on the basis of excellence in quality. We have positioned more than ten prestigious brands in foreign markets, all based on our expert services provided in technical and commercial fields with our partners for export, such as Intercommunication and commercial mediation between producers and foreign buyers.

 * Extensions to other commercial operations with other food products of excellent quality and toward other foreign food buyers, offering the same benefits of quality services relating to export and marketing feasibility among our importers and contacts.
 * Participation as Jury members in important international tasting competitions of extra virgin olive oils.
 * Negotiations with International Olive Council ( IOC ), Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment and other government agencies.
 * Participation in making the blend of extra virgin olive oil of the brand SEGURA&MANCHA 2018.

 * Participation in making the blend of extra virgin olive oil of the brand SEGURA&MANCHA 2017.

 * Coordination with Andalusian Universities for the DNA test of olive varieties and the purchase of olive varieties with certificates.
 * Interpreter and speaker of seminar to improve olive oil quality in September 2017 organized by the Kagawa prefecture government of Japan.
 * Expert advice applied to a particular food development project carried out by a Japanese regional municipality in collaboration with Spanish olive oil producer, acting as monitors for the entire cycle of production, export and marketing destination. The main functions performed are based on the pre-qualification of varieties of olive trees, picking fruit control, milling, labeling, bottling, export logistics and tracking marketing destination.
 * Oleoturismo ( Tourism related to olive and olive oil ) & Olive Oil tasting courses
 * Organization of "Specialist Course in olive oil." A special intensive course in Spain intended for everyone in the sector.
 * Olive Oil Tasting Course at Foodex
 * Advisors specialized in commercial and institutional relations between Spain and Japan. Performing functions of translation and interpretation, organizational work and collaboration, as well as market studies on specific customer demand.
 * Content and reports for publications and guidebooks.
 * Participation as expert consultants at institutional meetings Spain-Japan concerning research and developing around the "Mediterranean Diet" and Cultural Heritage UNESCO.
 * Professional media interviews (TV, Radio, Promotion Video and Documental Film) and insertions of professional articles in print media.
 * Support services and interpretation in special studies in Spain, and those for enrollment and stay.
 * Management services, contracting and permits procedures for artistic flamenco groups going to Japan.

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